#Sunsavvy -How to [not] scar your skin for life

I have to confess, in my early life I was guilty of being a bit of a “sun junkie”, I regret this “skin-sin” dearly. We used to say things like: “You only live once,” and believed that having tanned skin is a must if you wanted to look fabulous. The result was that we would find any way to get that tan, yes that meant hours and hours in sun, even at the most dangerous times of the day. If the sun was dulled by winter we would book a few tanning sessions at the cheapest sun bed salon available. I am a little horrified while typing this – nobody warned us about the dangers and the damage that was being done.

Years later, the damage on my skin started to appear, not even to mention the severe pigmentation on my face, so I decided to make it my business to educate people out there on how to be #Sunsavvy!

I recently read a book written by Dr Des Fernandes on photo aging of the skin, he is a pioneer in anti-aging skin remedies and world known plastic surgeon.  In short, he believes that the sun is scarring your skin for life!  You can find the book here

I still enjoy a healthy glow on my skin as many of us do and this inspired me to launch Thepurebody Spray Tan, a professional spray tanning service! I know that spray tans can be a hit or miss experience, so let’s quickly bust a few myths.  We all have this mental picture of spray tans that cause orange or patchy tanned skin right? I was a skeptic too, believe me!

So here are my tips to be sure you will look like a million dollars next time you hit the beach, your next photo-shoot or that special occasion:

  • Know your ingredients
  • Test the solution on a small area on your skin
  • Choose the right shade for your skin type
  • Exfoliate your skin before your spray tan
  • Choose a professional spray tan service

1.  Know your ingredients

The best option would be a solution that does not contain any harmful chemicals and preservatives.  It will be fragrance free, not be tested on animals and contain zero parabens.

 2.  Test the solution on a small area on your skin

There are a million manufacturers of self-tan solutions in the world, the best way to determine how the solution will develop on your skin type, is to test it on a small area and wait 8 hours before you spray tan your full body. Prevention is better than cure.

 3.  Choose the right shade for your skin type

Usually the solution will indicate the different shades for different skin types, stick to the guidelines!

 4.  Exfoliate your skin before your spray tan

We shed dead skin cells almost every day, make sure you get rid of those dead cells by starting to exfoliate your skin at least a week prior to your spray tan, this will ensure best results.

 5.  Choose a professional spray tan service

Rather spend a few extra bucks on your tan and opt for a professional service provider.  I promise you, you won’t get it right by yourself and might even end up with streaks, stained palms and feet. The aim is to keep your ‘natural’ glow routine a secret for as long as you can, but streaks and stains will spill the beans before you decide to share your secret with friends trust me!

A professional spray tan specialist will always make use of a barrier cream on the areas of your body where the skin is thinner, this includes your elbows, knees, hands, feet etc.

Remember, a spray tan does not protect your skin against the sun when you go to the beach, always use sunscreen when exposed to sunlight.

A professional spray tan should last between 7-10 days, depending on how well you look after your tan.

Be #Sunsavvy and save your skin from too much sun exposure, you only have one skin!