Happy Ears

Can you hear the ocean?

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My Story

My hearing loss started at the age of 15 and I was then diagnosed with 70% loss in both ears. My adaptation with regards to the loss was over whelming, I still had to function within a normal society and environment amongst normal people.

Only years later I received hearing aids and a whole new world was re-discovered with regards to sounds, which I did not realised I could not hear anymore.

I went to a normal University, like any other normal child would and with all these experiences within the normal society, I realised how many obstacles a person with a disability had to overcome.

Today I am saying: “This is my gifted talent”

I live a religious life and had always wanted to do something for other people with the same problem, but I never knew how. I started playing with the idea to make earrings with sterling silver and pearls. Later on, I completed a jewellery design course, to better my technique. Automatically, this name came to mind, Happy Ears.

These handmade earrings, are called Happy Ears and a percentage of the profit will be donated to the Happy Ears fund, to assist children financially to get hearing aids.

My vision and goal

  • To make people more aware of  people that live with hearing loss, just like me
  • To focus on organisations and employers to make sure they meet the needs of such employees in the corporate world
  • To assist children financially to get hearing aids, or to be able to buy batteries in order for them to be fully equipped to have the best chances in life

Happy Ears is a new dream era for me! My motto has been born they day, when I could hear the wind blow again, could listen to raindrops falling outside and hear each wave break!

How we can make a difference?

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“Listening to the sounds of life is like listening to God’s orchestra, help someone else hear his music”  David Four

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Buy your Happy Ears Earrings

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Make a donation to the Happy Ears Fund

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