#lisemarieshearingjourney Part 2

It’s quite the journey and I am extremely grateful for each and everyone’s support!

I would like to give you an update of my journey so far.

The ball is rolling. I had my first cochlear evaluation done with my audiologist, Deon Ceronio in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Basically, he did a full assessment of my hearing and speech ability, with and without hearing aids. Surprisingly, I have a 60% rating on lip-reading without the hearing aids fitted. It’s just amazing what your eyes and brain can do to step up in the communication process. They also needed to assess whether I am emotionally fit for the surgery and process, which I have passed!!

Early June 2018, I had a consult with my ENT, Dr. IRT Butler in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He is ranked as one of the top surgeons for Cochlear Implants here, so everything is set and I am cleared for the surgery. The relevant paperwork and authorisation is on its way.

The cochlear device company have proposed and agreed to build and manufacture a special electrode for me, based on my CT scan. This is done in Austria, at their head office. The risk of complications is must higher with the Otosclerosis disease present, therefor the special electrode needed in my case, to minimise the risks involved in the surgery.

Take care,

Lise-marie Fourie