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41% of patients choose their healthcare practitioner based on engagement, social media and digital marketing

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Marketing is the single most important tool for your healthcare practice that drives growth and results. I help healthcare practices to solve their marketing problems with the full spectrum of digital marketing services operating within the health legislation and ethics

" To fully understand the scope of marketing for a business, you have to walk a 1000 miles in the customer's shoes "

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Lise-marie Fourie has extensive experience in the healthcare industry, starting as a medical representative in the pharmaceutical industry and progressed to a managerial role working with healthcare specialists.  Her experience includes working with a digital design agency where she worked on projects for healthcare practices and medical aid funders.

She obtained her honours degree in business management at the University of the Free State,  a post graduate diploma in digital marketing at Stellenbosch Business School and is currently advancing her skills and knowledge in Advance Marketing with Neil Patel, a leading marketing expert for fortune 500 companies

Her passion for the healthcare industry and marketing combined with her experience in marketing and digital marketing provides the complete scope of skills to provide marketing solutions for healthcare practices

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I tend to work with healthcare practices in 2 ways

New Practices

Full scope of services

Are you looking for someone to help start-up your business? We start off with Brand development, logo design and website design. I will create a full marketing strategy based on your business goals and do a full roll-out of the strategy on retainer. I also work with leading experts in healthcare practice management, medical billing and health law consultants. We will get you started the right and ethical way with all the right tools.

Existing Practices

Scope of services

Do you want to refresh your business and brand? Do you need a marketing strategy to grow your business? First we do an audit of your exiting entities. Based on the audit report a customised strategy will be created for your goals and budget. This can include rebranding with a fresh new look that will drive customer engagement, patient retention and growth for your business. A full marketing strategy will be implemented and roll out on retainer.

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